Guys, when you kiss a girl on the forehead, does it mean something special?

I've herd that it does, but am curious to know if its true.

If it does mean something special, can you put it's meaning into words?

And one more question,

Do kisses on any other places mean anything special? (cheek, nose, neck, ears, head, tummy, etc)

Thanks for your time and input.



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What Guys Said 1

  • its not really that "special", but it is concidered to be a very good and innocent expression of love.


What Girls Said 1

  • cheek = hello

    nose = get well

    neck = seduce

    ears = partly seduce

    head = friendly still thinking of you

    *ss = sucking up to you

    clit = commence orgasm countdown

    belly button = tickle, tickle

    arm = friendly seduce

    hand = romantic gesture

    lips with no tongue = hello or good bye

    lips with tongue = more than just friends

    big toe = fetish

    any other toe = tickle, tickle

    inner thigh = added seduce

    nipple = for his pleasure

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