Girls, Why do you ignore a random guy in the group?

When you meet a group of random guys for the first time, why would you initiate conversation and talk to all of them, but ignore and not talk to one of the random guys in the group.


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  • There are only 3 possible reasons, and maybe you can determine which one is most likely:

    1) You're so hot you're intimidating, (I was afraid hot guys could see I was totally crushing, and play on my weakness, and i didn't want to feed his ego and be like everyone else, so I did everything to show I WASN'T into them)
    2) She's not interested. Maybe overlooked you out of disgust, or possibly by accident. She is juggling a lot of conversations.
    3) She shyly tried to make eye contact, speak, but you missed it or thought she was directing the question to someone else. (This has happened with me, so I was like, whatever maybe he doesn't wanna talk to me). Girls are social creatures. Since she was an outgoing girl, its highly unlikely she meant to be deliberately rude, in a social setting like that.

    • thanks :)) Why would she overlook the guy out of disgust?

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    • Honestly i think you're a bit OCD caus youve asked the same question like 3 times. I can't answer the question, because I could use "buddy" for my cute younger brother's friends, or a platonic friend, or some guy I actually liked and got a little cheeky with. there's NO way to know.

    • thanks :)) I get your point.