Could she be flirting with me?

So I started snapchatting this girl over winter break. We go to the same college and don't have any classes together. I haven't really seen her on campus this week so far but its only Tuesday. Yesturday she sent me a snap in the afternoon and I opened it and didn't respond. It was around 930 last night she sent me a snap about a basketball game. I sent a few back and it was getting late and the last few were her in her bed. To me it seems like if you didn't like someone you would not send snapchats to them if you were laying in your bed. She sent me one this morning saying she will take a ticket to south carolina that is where I live, sent a snap back saying sound good right about now. She the replyed lets go! To me it kinda seems she is being fun/ flirting what are your thoughts?


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  • Yeah, I definitely think she likes you.


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