If someone you like asked you if you wanted to see a movie, but movie isn't your fist choice, would you agree or suggest something else?

  • A. Agree. Keeps things simple and i want hem to feel good for asking plus fig it goes well we can do something i want next.
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  • B. Suggest something else. I may not get another chance and i want them to see me at my best doing something i want to do.
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  • C. Id reject them, bc i think people who ask people to see movies for a date are boring and lack confidence.
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  • D. Other.
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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't know what you mean by its "not your first choice." Do you mind watching the movie or not? There's the answer

    • a lot of people complain that they don't like going out to movies as a date bc its a movie. I don't know what the problem is.. i think its low stress and everyone knows what to expect. i am ok with it. just wondering how other people feel.

    • I think it can be a little weird if it's the first date between two people who haven't really talked that much before

    • no with someone you've known a long time.

What Girls Said 1

  • I wold tell them I wanna see a different movie. Why would I waste precious money on something I don't wanna see just to be bored throughout the movie. Makes no sense.

    • not a movie you don't like. seeing a movie. any movie.