Should I text him or wait?

So I've been talking to this guy. And last night when we stopped texting he sent me a message saying "I'll text you soon. Sleeptight" Should I wait till he texts me or should I text him?

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It may be a stupid question. I tend to over think stuff. But, I don't want to sound needy.


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  • Do you want to talk to him? If yes, text, if no, don't text. Easy. I hate it when girls randomly stop texting and I'm the only one starting the messages, makes me feel like she's not interested. Obviously don't do it every minute of the day but enough to make him feel noticed

    • Heck yes! I want to talk to him!!! If I don't want to talk to him. I wouldn't text him! :)

    • Fricking text him first then girl bloody hell :)

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  • It's fine to text him, and if you want to, you should, that's my philosophy now. Take the initiative.

    I wouldn't think a girl was needy for doing that, just keep it short and sweet and don't text over and over again, and I think you'll be good.

    Any guy who thinks a girl is needy because she sends him a text is an asshole anyway.


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