Flirting at the Gym?

A while ago I went to the gym with my friend. When we get there we're greeted by a personal trainer, he asks what we came for. My friend said weights and I said I wanted to tone my legs. He nodded then asked if I knew what to do, I told him no and he offered to show me. I'm a stickler for not paying for anything, so I asked about payment. He said no, won't cost me anything.
So he spent half an hour having me do a few workouts on my own. When I asked for a break he said something to my friend, she later told me he asked if we were sisters and in her opinion a strange comment about me being sore (which wasn't a lie!).

We left, and she said "That's weird, PT's don't usually give you a long session like that for free." I thought nothing of it and said. "Well, its smart--he obviously wanted a client and what better way to get one than to show me you know your stuff." She agreed.
We went back, again, but a while after. As we walked in he looks at me and says "Are you from the church?" I didn't hear him, but before I could respond my friend says "No she's the one you trained with the last time." He laughed and asked me if I wanted to do some more stuff with him. I told him "no" jokingly.

Here's what I thought stood out:
He continued to come up to us, but whenever he did he would direct his questions/comments to me. He joked around about my legs/working them out, asked me again I wanted to train again, and made light conversation. He even cam back and suggested we do something else.

Truthfully I thought nothing (still do), but my friend thinks he was (definitely) flirting/probably feeling me. I don't think much of it because I felt like as a PT it kinda comes with the job, and his way of making money. What do you get from this?


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