What would you classify as an excellent romantic experience?

Please give vivid detail need some options to make a great arrangement money isn't an issue!!!


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  • From my experience, if there's one word that drives every girl crazy it's "adventure"

    Anything that at least has the _appearance_ of being spontaneous and adventurous is great!

    You could make a picnic basket with her and then get in the car and go on a good drive (20-40 minutes) to some random scenic location to stop for your picnic dinner.

    Set up a really nice scene in a wooded area and take her on a short hike to it where you could have dinner waiting or a stereo playing music for y'all to dance, or both.

    If you're a little gutsier, wake up early in the morning, get a full tank of gas and go driving with no plan, no direction, and no idea of where to go. Keep driving for as long as y'all can and until both of y'all decide to stop. Then you can go explore whatever y'all find along the way. Eventually stop at a motel for the night, spend some time around town the next day and drive back home.