What are your basic conversation starters when trying to get to know someone?

So when you meet somebody and you want to get to know them more, what are the type of questions you asked to get to know them, to keep the conversation going (whether its in person or social media). what are your ice breakers? Little did you know many people still have problems with this and struggle. Most of the questions online are quite corny or unsuitbale to ask somebody your just getting to know.


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  • For the most part, people tend to enjoy talking about themselves. So basically, I would ask non-intrusive, open ended questions in response.

    Otherwise, I would make basic conversation based on the circumstances and the environment.


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  • When it comes to online guys tend to use my Zelda tattoos as icebreakers. They'll say some corny joke referencing the franchise or they'll just mention that they, too, like the games.

    Little do they know how common of an icebreaker it is and that its a guaranteed way to not get a reply from me.

    • That doesn't help the OP at all! >:o

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    • He wants to know what works not what doesn't work!

    • @Ihav2fart Well I don't know what works because I don't try to break the ice with anyone 😐

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  • I usually let people talk to me - I very rarely initiate conversations.