Does he know I like him?

so this guy and I were talking the other day and we ended up talking about people getting hit on because while I was with him he was hit on and he didn't even realize. But when we were talking about it he said he is usually good with this kind of things and when he said that he did this whole thing with his eyebrow. I really like this guy and does that means he knows i like him.


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  • Just ask him if he thinks you're hitting on him, and then say "Now I am" and then jump into his arms and go for a long passionate kiss. It'll go great trust me 😏

    On a serious note, it's hard to tell. He might think one of your friends is hitting on him or he might just be trying to big himself up that he's being hit on. Either way asking him straight up is always the easiest and long term less awkward solution


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