Can someone give me some ideas for a fun date night?

I want to do something different from the usual movie / out to eat / going to bars. I want to do something fun and is not to expensive as im getting sick of the typical repeating date nights


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  • If you guys like going to bars, then check out a cool piano bar. It's a really fun addition to the bar experience. It's kind of grown up and sophisticated, but you can still get sloshed.

    Wine tasting is fun, if you're into that sorta thing.

    I'd love to go on a casual date to a record store and fondle all the vinyl.

    If you guys are the more active type, you could go geocaching. It might sound a little cheesy at first, but it's kinda fun -- sort of like an Easter egg hunt for adults.


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  • 1. Go to a bar, one 10 or so minutes before the other (so it doesn't look like you came together) and then one of you approach the other as if you were strangers, and use terrible pick up lines (then pretend they worked) repeat at other bars until satisfied, then laugh about strange reactions together.
    2. Adopt alternate personas, fictitious back stories, and ridiculous accents, walk around through shops and downtown or whatever and see who can keep their cover the longest (loser buys winner a shake or something.) Bonus points if you actually ask someone for help finding something. Double bonus points if the accent is French and you ask someone at a grocery store where the french bread is.
    3. Mystery picnic: (several variations on this one) either both of you prepare a random food from another country and try new things together, or treat it like a game, be blindfolded, and get random food to try and guess what it is.
    4. Good deed date: walking around downtown is always fun, and you could always make a stop in Starbucks or somewhere and pay for someone's drink anonymously.


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  • Stay at home (on a weekend) and cook a fabulous meal together. Spend the morning shopping for the ingredients, spend the afternoon in the kitchen, and then fine dining at home - just the two of you.
    While dining, smartphones off (unless you have to do research for cooking) with nice easy-listening music like piano-based classical or light jazz - you want music with little to no vocals.

    Believe me, this is good and if your guy doesn't like it or thinks it's boring, get a new guy.

  • Your place, blindfold them at doorway. Low lights, lite dinner fed to them while blindfolded. Strawberries for dessert with coolwhip. Then a game of touchie feelie while still blindfolded. Lots of kisses and creativity.


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