Girls, Why can't I find anyone?

So I've been single majority of my life I've had two relationships and both were jokes.. y do I have such a hard time finding someone to be with


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  • To be frank, this generation sucks for dating. Since sex became easier to get, love became harder to find. Most girls expect guys to be assholes and those types of guys give y'all good ones a bad name. It isn't you ever. Don't believe that, okay? Just know that a lot of people also have different preferences, (not to get all religious) but I think of it as God has special people put aside for us until we are ready to meet them. Maybe you just haven't found your one you click with so easy. One day you will find a good girl and eventually you will be married one day. Good luck. :)

  • How are we supposed to know? If anyone can answer this question, it's you. Gotta look deep within and figure out what's the problem.

  • There could be many reasons. Are you insecure? Are you going after women who aren't attracted to you seemingly? Are you approaching women in the correct way? The women could be doing something wrong as well.

    • I'm more cocky than I am insecure and I do tend to go after girls that seem to be out of my league and most of the time when I approach women we get along well but we don't click and if I just ignore them and let them approach me I get further usually I'm able to sleep with them but that's about it there ls no relationship or no names just a one night thing

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    • How long should I wait before sleeping with them

    • That's up to you. I would just make it known that you're looking to be serious with them and if they want to jump your bones right then, take them if you want.

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