Friend Zone SOS: How can I tell if a guy wants to become "more than friends"?

I've been close friends with this guy for 5 years. There have been multiple times that I thought it maybe could become something more, but this time feels different. For example, we just went to get dinner and ice cream (is that even considered a date? who knows). He has never had a girlfriend, yet he seems to be oblivious to the fact that SO many girls in the community like him. As in, he seems to be one of those guys that is just friendly with every girl he meets. Sometimes this results in girls making something of nothing, or inversely making nothing of something. While I try to tell myself that nothing is going on, almost all of my friends feel like something is there. **Keep in mind that they all know him as well, so they have seen him around by myself and other girls.** I'm having trouble figuring out if he is just being extra friendly, or if he is really sending "more than friend" vibes. I guess my question is how do I approach him to get an answer without straight up confronting him?


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  • Ask him if he's interested in anyone at the moment. If he does lots of staring into your eyes and being awkward when trying to answer he probably likes you so you should back yourself and tell him you like him.

    • I've definitely considered doing that, but I'm afraid that me asking that question could give him the impression that I am nonchalant and don't have any feelings towards him. But it is something that has crossed my mind.

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