If he wants to go out me and the other coworker does he like me?

All three of us are friendly but he flirts on me hard core. Even at work he touches me and keeps brushing into me. He calls me pet names like he brought me papers and said "for you mademoiselle"

He always looks at me and smiles.

He wants to go out next week for drinks. He invited our other coworker too in front of me but he was focusing on me. I said I get happy when I drink and he said now he's really excited to go.

Is is askng all 3 of us to go out an indirect way of getting to know me more? A lot of people in the office including her think he's into me.


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  • Yeah with a story like that, he's into you.

    Now you just got to figure out if he wants a relationship or just one of those heated moment one nights.


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