Does he love me or something?

This guy I'm somewhat dating keeps bringing up the "love" word. From beginning we would talk about deep stuff and he told me he wouldn't do or would do things with someone he loves. He asked me 2 days ago if I love him and I said I'm not ready to say that. Today we went out to dinner always messing with me joking around and I don't know how he got into saying that but he told me I love you and I just said shut up cause I think he's joking. Then he brings it up again when we're laying down and says come on prove me that you love me, I asked what? He says as in show me some love. And when I asked him why, do you love me? He smiled with little laugh and said no. Why bring that word up? Is he hinting something that he doesn't wanna admit?


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  • Yea he wants to love you (he said it while laying with you)


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