Why would a guy be keen then pull a vanishing act?

I'm curious about a guy that vanished on me. This guy is early 50s. Older than myself by about 11 years. We met on a dating site, the first 2 weeks he was very keen, he was flirtatious and I got mixed signals as he acted like he was a gentleman but then would send me spooning memes.. after about 4 dates he invited me over to stay the night. I went and nothing really happened apart from a massage. He never initiated anything else. I left confused by him. Was this a test?
He vanished for 3 wks, then pops up again on the dating site asking how's the dating going. He never mentioned where he'd been or anything. He then asks he I fancy meeting up sometime.
What gives?


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  • Something might have happened to him that he'd rather not share.

    Given his age, there are a number of possible health issues that begin to develop. It could have also been something to do with his job that required intense focus.


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