Should I tell friends I am dating a new guy?

It's only been less than 3 months and I told a few friends- sometimes they asked and I said am dating a guy- and sometimes I just told them.

Now I kind of regret it because I am saying what if we break up soon? I'll be ashamed.

What do you think? Is it normal to tell friends?


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  • Yeah you can tell them, almost 3 months is definitely long enough!
    And break ups are normal, nothing to feel ashamed about even though they really suck.
    The thing is you never know, you might break up tomorrow or in a year or maybe this is the guy you are going to marry and you'll be together forever, who knows?
    But if a potential break up is the only reason you're not telling then I wouldn't be to worried! Just go for it! Share the happy news :)

    • Oh girl your answer is so reasonable.

      Thanks :)

    • You're welcome enjoy all the happy times ahead :)

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  • It's better to keep it for ourselves if the relationship hasn't be stable completely. Like you said, you might felt ashamed if it really ended very fast.


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