I might of made a bad choice?

Me and this guy are friends and he takes me out a lot and says he loves to surprise me and take me out, he kisses me and touches me, buys me roses and today we had sex in he's car, and after I told him we are bad friends, and he's like oo yeah, I guess that was a really bad idea, I was kinda hurt when he said that tho. What do I do


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  • He's gonna agree with ANYTHING you say, be it "bad friends", "good friends", "no friends", whatever!
    "Bad choice" is NOT a guy that loves to do all those things for you/to you and even agrees with "bad friends" (or turns the definition into something good).

    e. g. now that we are sexual lovers, how can we be good friends? ergo we must be bad friends hahaha thus we have graduated to something better

    Reminder: good relationships turn bad on a dime IF
    no BC pills + condom employed at same time, every time

    • He did want to get a condom, he's like wait.
      And he did say that for our first time together he wanted to take me somewhere nice

    • And when you say he's gonna agree with anything I say, why is that

    • Same reason he brings you roses, surprises

  • You are a slut. Grow up !!

    • Lol shots

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    • You mad?😂😂Say something😂😂

    • I'm not mad I just thought this convo was over

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