My boyfriend seems to be acting different. Should I confront him about this or pull back?

My boyfriend made it official on Saturday. We've been dating for 2 months. We had sex last night for the first time. Now for some reason, it doesn't feel like the relationship has been taken to another level. I've been doing most of the initiating since Saturday. He's very attentive when we talk and answers right away, but I feel like he's either grown comfortable or might be having second thoughts about us. Or maybe there's other girls. It's hard to say... but then again why would he make things official?

I leave town for 5 days in a few hours. Would it be too much to call him and communicate how I'm feeling with him? Or should I drop it and just lessen my contact with him while I'm away?


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  • Do what you feel is right. If it bothers you this much then tell him how you feel


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