Woman got confused when I told her my feeling. What should I do?

I have female coworker. The more I know her, the more I love her.
First I met her I didn't have any feeling for her.

I've told her my feeling. She said that she was shocked & confused. She doesn't want to break our firendship and our work environment, just like her previous experiences when she dated her own friend. She also told me that she just broke up, and doesn't want in a relationship for a while.

Whatever she said, I think it was pretty obvious that she did reject me.
A day after I told her my feeling, she told me that she was not able look me in the eyes when talking to me, she said she was nervous, she was confused.

But, things are confusing me. She posted a song on a social media. The song tells about a girl who can't help but to fall in love when a guy tell her that he loves her, and it makes her heart burst. She said the song she posted was for me. Today she also told me about a beautiful place she wants to go, she told me and asked me that she want to go there.

Well, I'm not sure what todo next. Does she have interest in me?
And, when a woman remember spesific dates (she remembered in what dates I told her my feeling, even I'm not even trying to remember that thing), does that mean she is interested or that's only ordinary girl's thing?


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  • people can't be confused with straightforward information. you're not confusing her. she might be trying to sort out her feelings. just give her sometime. be kind meanwhile but don't push and don't ignore.

    • I think you're right. She also said that she was shocked.
      Now she always calls me cute when I do romantic, funny, or dumb things, and it is always with 'love' emoticon when she tell it by text.
      I dont want to continue this if she doesn't interested because it will only hurt my feeling.

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    • right. well as i said i don't think she's 'confused' its either an excuse to not say yes, or she's really not sure abort things in her own life.

      if you want an unequivocal response you can ask her directly to answer or just decide she's rejected you.

      if you're going to give her time,. see other people meanwhile, or at least be open to it.

    • What do you mean by "an excuse to not say yes"?
      Few days ago, I've asked her to answer a closed question, yes or no, she didn't answer it with yes or no, she did answer with an open answer.

      She told me that she becomes enjoying times she spent with me and she was not sure for how long she will be enjoying times she spent with me, but she appreciates my feelings, she would let me to go for other woman if I want to instead of waiting for her.
      I want, but I can't, I love her so much.

      What does that mean when she let me to go for other woman like that?
      Is there hope for me?

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