Is it normal for a guy to act like this? (Kinda long)

He found me on a dating site day before Xmas eve; we clicked very well online and in person. After 1st date, he started becoming kind of distant, online anyways. After our 3rd date, I told him I really liked him before he left, but he said he was taking things slow, he comes back around and starts talking to me like he used to. 2 weeks go by, we connect better via Xbox 360 headset, and he invites me over. He then becomes very distant for a week and I go to his place. At his place, I admit I was nervous since he lives alone and since he’s taking things slow I wasn’t sure how to act.

Now, unless I’m extremely clueless, he did show interest. He started some poking fights, some pillow fights, and put this stress cube thing on my head, arms, legs, and one time it seemed like he was going to put It on my chest since I was wearing a V neck shirt but it doesn’t reveal that much but I guess just enough and he just said ‘where you think I was going to put that’ since I kinda blocked it. I poked him back, hit him with pillows and the same with the stress cube to him but again I was nervous so I didn’t go overboard. He checks me out, I noticed his eyes do down when he asked me something for a split second. I told him I cut my hair and he told me to turn around, we were sitting on his couch and he just stared at me longer then I thought was normal and I got nervous and he just said ‘I was just looking at your hair’. He also made dinner that night, also showed me his room. But he started asking things like if dinner was good, which it was, but he then goes on saying if I’m just being nice like he doesn’t think I’m being truthful, but I told him that I’m not that mean.

So is it normal to act this way? Show interest in person but then like unsure online? Also he does go on the dating site he met me on, but stopped after he invited me over but started again after I came over. He also still thinks I’m shy around him and apparently I confuse him but seems like I tell him more about myself then he does.

Note I’m 23 and he’s 25.

he has been hurt in the past as to why I think he is being cautious


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  • It's quite abnormal.


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