Anyone like me wanna talk?

I'm a guy in high school. I am a Christian and have a Christian view on dating, sex, etc. Countless people have asked me time and time again for advice. But lately it's been getting so out of hand that I'm literally texting three people every day at the same time for different relationship problems. I'm just a little tired of it and wanna know if anyone else is in my position.


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  • I know how you feel. I have this group of friends who are always going through something with their boyfriends/girlfriends. It does get annoying when they call me asking for advice about their relationships. I thought I was the only one who was having this problem. Lol

    • Yeah I know. My friends are having some major issues and I just wanna be like, Ok. know what? I DONT CARE!

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  • same thing happens to me all the time! and its really weird because I've never had a boyfriend but people are always asking me for relationship advice.. it confuses me to no end! haha.. but yeah I get really sick of the drama and constant whining that takes place...

    • That happens to me too! I've never had a boyfriend but for some reason people keep asking me about relationship advices.

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  • Christian eh...? I once read something about Light and Salt. I'm sure you can put that one together...Keep it up...