How should I respond to her rejection?

A bit of back story. We have a class together and are in the same group in the class. We started lightly texting and that turned into texting a lot, she then added me on snapchat and would snapchat all day long for a few days. Yesterday we went out to study (we didn't study) instead we got coffee and talked for 4 hours. At the end i asked her out on a date, and said "I want to ask you out on a date, are you free Friday?". She said yes and seemed to be really happy. That night I texted her asking her about whether she had any distains towards certain foods. She texted back saying she actually wanted to talk about that. She told she didn't feel comfortable going out on a date with two different guys, but she did really like me and that she got very excited about it while we were at coffee. I told her I understood and said that I wouldn't have felt betrayed if i found out she seeing other people as well. She then broke into a cliche "i dont want to hurt you" to which I said either I can wait for "my turn" or I can move on, I told her I was moving on. We texted for a bit and she did a few more cliche things like "we can definitely be friends though! :)" to which i said "Eh... You're kind of weird, I dont think being friends would work out..." she sent back a "oh shut up *laughing face*" and I stopped texting.

Today she sat next to me in our class and she could have sat next to the other group members. I was nice to her and flirted a little to see if she would reciprocate and she did, i also made comments that were referrenced back to funny moments we had while we were out at coffee and she did genuine laughs. She didn't seem at all different in a bad way, in fact she seemed happy to be talking to me.

I have not texted or snapchatted her since last night when she turned me down. I do not plan on doing either since I told her i was moving on.


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  • lol so u playin games?

    • Yeah. I am. I will admit to that.

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    • I want to go on one with her but she shot me down. Now I feel like I might have a chance still if I play the game carefully.

    • Here is what i would do because you sound smitten with the girl. Keep it aloof. My greatest accomplishments with women stem from when i cut all contact for a bit or remain aloof then come back into their life. It gets you out of the friend zone which it sounds like you are in currently.

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