Is he a f--kboy?

I met this guy on a night out on Friday and we flirted a lot, we shared a taxi until mine and my friend's stop and he paid for our ride. Immediately he asked my friend for my number on facebook and we started texting.

Today, we're still talking and the conversation is good, however my friends are all telling me bad stories about his past flings/relationships which his best friend denies are true. (They do this for every guy I speak to though). Although he hasn't made any comments about nudes/sex/staying over his, it's worrying me that maybe he isn't a nice guy and he's just trying to get me to have sex with him. Can anyone give me any hints about his possible intentions or the game he's playing from what I've described?


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  • It's difficult to say, even if you showed the conversation, as some guys can be nice very well just to get what they want. Then there's also some of us that are actually decent people. You just have to know whether the risk is worth the reward.


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