Is it wrong for a 51yo man to date a 19yo woman?

I'm the 51 yo, and I love her. We both love each other more than just sex.


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  • It's okay legally, which is all that really matters if you two have a genuine interest in one another.

    Morally, I don't believe it's right.

    • Should I break up with her? We have sex all the time, but she likes to go out and party with her friends mostly. What should I do

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  • Dude! Props, but seriously she's too f'ing young. Let her go!


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  • It's legal but kinda creepy. She could be your grand daughter which is kinda gross

    • Yeah I'm still kind of uncomfortable because I treat her like a daughter and when we go out on dates, people stare at us. One person told me "you have a beautiful daughter" and of course I corrected that person. She looks younger than her age.

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  • You're both adults and legal. If the two of you are ok with it then that's all that matters

    • True but she never takes her eyes off her cellphone and is always on Facebook. I don't even have a Facebook... do kids her age obssess over social media?

    • Yep and the phone is a part of their bodies