He's jealous but doesn't want me as his girlfriend.. What is uppp with him?

So I've been hanging out with my colleague on the low for about 4 months now. Started of as friends, we we're both new at the job and felt like we entered a reality show and only could talk to each other about it. It soon changed into something more than that and I started almost living at his place as I was there 5/6 times a week. We did everything together, from working out to grocery shopping. I found out that the one day a week I was at home, he had another girl over. I was crushed, she also didn't know, drama.

If I didn't have to see him at work 4x a week I would've never spoken to him but since I do I kind of have to. So after 2,5 weeks of not speaking to fighting we started talking in a normal way again as friends, like we used to. Even came to the point that last week I slept over at his place again. The problem is, he's annoying as hell. One day he'a jealous when I talk to other men, but then doesn't want to be with me. He keeps on asking if I want to stay over or want to go to the gym with him, and then he doesn't want to have any contact except work related. Confusing the hell out of me.

I think he likes me but is fighting his feelings because he keeps on coming back just as much as I'm going back.

What do you guys think? He made a comment a while ago saying he knows that with me it would be a longterm relationship and doesn't feel he's ready for that and with other girls he knows it would be for just a few months.

Thanks in advance :-)


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  • he likes you but doesn't wanna admit it

    • What do you suggest I do? Got really mad at him today again for this shit and he's not responding after 30 text messages -_-' I'll see him tomorrow at work again though.. He got mad and said I was flirting and wanted attention of another colleague who likes me. According to him everyone likes me and I shouldn't talk to them

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    • yeah give it a few 30 message is a lot

    • Haha ok thanks!!

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  • I think he's just keeping you on the hook for the attention, the ego boost and the intimacy. Nothing more. Telling someone they're relationship material, but that they're simply not ready for a relationship yet, is what selfish assholes do when they just want someone to stick around for convenience.

    • Wow thanks.. That's a different way of looking at it, you may be right -_- effing men