Did I reply too soon?

Yesterday morning he was texting pretty quick. Then no reply from him since 11 am

i posted something and tagged him in at night. He liked it but still no text.

After i I went to bed I saw he texted at 12:30am saying Sorry I missed the text probably because I've been in meeting all day. He thanked me for the stuff I posted say he will check it later.

I also notice he went onto my Instagram to like other stuff while I was sleeping.

So so I text back at 8am telling him no problem and thanks for letting me know. I also told him once he check it out let me know about his thoughts on it.

Should I made him wait for longer?


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  • You were too easy to please, he is bored to death

    • He probably has taken me for granted

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    • He just sent me 10 text in a roll... consistency is not his strong point..

    • There you go. Remember this, a relationship is like a dance, if one is stepping back and other one keep stepping forward its a chase not a dance. Keep it balance.

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  • It seems with the "His and Her" no Hymning nor Hawing here, dear, he is keeping you posted, you both are Keeping in touch with Even a lite Touch... I am sure he will Continue to Keep you posted.
    Everyone has their own schedule and time and why they do things down the fine line. No need to put a Time on anything, just let it Flow with Joe.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks girl. I guess I'm just a bit worry if he is back paddling after our great day last time. Since he hasn't finished the book he could still be very scared lol

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    • haha no I'm not Scorpio, I have Saturn and mid heaven in Scorpio though. I'm a virgo

      He is a fish with Scoprio rising and mars.

      Sorry my Astro Geek side is coming out hehe

    • lol!!! Oh, I see. xxoo

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  • I don't know any of these stupid texting rules nor do I want to. Text when you feel like it

    • Just feeling scared of being taken for granted. That's all

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    • So it's hellboy's fault that he is an idiot. and now it's my fault that apparently I didn't get your sarcasm?

      Oh I'm so sorry I'm not a mind reader, oh wait I'm not. You really have a huge ego and lack maturity for your age

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  • There is no rule, text when you feel like it, if you want to then text if you don't then don't.

    • since my reply to his at 8 he hasn't replied at all...