How do I start talking to a girl in a different grade?

So about a month ago this girl moved to our school and the second i saw her i was wow'd, i can't stop thinking about it and I've even started working out more and taking care of my appearence just because of her. i haven't talked to her yet since im a shy guy (im 16 in grade 11) and she is in grade 9, I dont want to come off creepy and randomly add her on facebook or anything, I want to know how to start talking to her but its harder to do when they aren't in your own grade. please dont give me a answer like "just ask her" i simply can't do that, if i knew her first then maybe later on i could but i would like to know her first, all i know is her name and grade. Thank you :)


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  • Do you ever see her in the hallways at school or at lunch or anything? If so, just try a warm smile and a "Hi, how are you today?" You can introduce yourself and ask a few questions like "Are you new here? I haven't seen you here before" or "How are you liking this school so far?" Just random small talk conversation like that. Everyone loves to be acknowledged and for someone to be nice to them, and if she turns her nose up at you (which I'm sure she won't) then that is her loss. Be sure to ask questions to show that you are interested in what she has to say. People love to talk about themselves, and they enjoy talking to someone who shows interest in what they're talking about.
    Do you know if you two have any mutual friends? If so, maybe they can help introduce you two as well.
    I hope all goes well and good luck! I was in a similar situation at that age, as I was also a junior in high school who liked a freshman.

    • honestly im considering just doing a extra math credit to maybe be in her class. because none of my friends know her and im in none of her classes

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    • I just wish i had a way to get into conversation with her without having to go up and introduce myself, i would much rather my friends be talking in a group and i enter in or in the same class. but i guess i gotta try it since there is no other way:/

    • Sometimes that is your only option, but I'm sure she will appreciate it! In the very unlikely situation that she doesn't, that is her problem, not yours, and do not blame yourself. I know that if it was me I would love it if someone introduced themselves to me and showed interest in talking to me, as I was always kind of timid, although I made friends easily.

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  • Say hi I'm so and so shake her hand and go from there. Ask if you can walk her to her class