How to care about him again?

I've been with my boyfriend over a year now and now im starting to think that i am with him because he is really nice to me rather than because i care about him a lot and i want to change that. help please?


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  • So you're telling me you do not love him? He does more than you?

    • he does more but not by much, i really make an effort to be caring and give back. but i dont get the random feeling of wanting to do things for him out of the blue just because i love him like he does. is that not loving him? i dont know

    • Maybe it's because he does more than you. So you're not feeling the ''love'' to recipocrate giving back to him. From my knowledge, sometimes when a guy does too much (even he doesn't know it by himself), the girl lost attraction for him because he's being too available for her

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