Should My Friend Give Up on this Guy She Likes?

Okay, I'm asking this question for my friend (literally lol) but she's been talking to this guy that she's in the military with and they stay 10 minutes from each other. She's very ambitious and always busy but still makes time for him. Their just friends now but they've been feeling each other for awhile. He's always working and so is she, their both in school and in the army.. (Reserves or whatever) but for Christmas, she bought him a ps4 and some games and he asked her what did she want for Christmas. She just told him a few clothes and he bought her 2 sets of perfumes, candy, some expensive shirts and a north face jacket and some more. But like a week ago, he really hasn't been texting her like that. That last time he text her was some time last week saying that he'll be in army school for 3 weeks. She thought he was just busy and not texting. But he's been active on Facebook and not replying to a few texts she sent him. I tried asking my boyfriend to help her out and he said she might be clingy (which I don't really think she is, because she does this whole "I'm gonna wait 3 days to text him first thing") and it was working up until now. And he said either he has another girl on the side, or he's just focused on himself and his future. My boyfriend said that its all about a mans priorities.. When he's busy, he thinks of me and sends me a quick text or he'll call to check on me. He told her that no one is THAT busy (especially when their doing the same thing) what should she do? She's a good friend of mine and I really don't want her going through that crap. She just wants answers on why he's not reaching out to her but bought her all that stuff and hung out with her like he was interested. Help me help my friend lol because she's over here going crazy!


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  • He did warn her that he was not going to be able to contact her for 3 weeks. I don't know much about "army school" or whatever it is that he's at but maybe there is a good reason he isn't able to contact her. If I was her, I'd wait it out until he came back to see if there was a good reason for him not being able to contact her. If there is, whatever that may be, then there isn't much reason to worry. If there isn't and he's trying to fade out and disappear instead of growing a pair and ending it the right way, then she deserves a lot better and should just move on.

    I am willing to bet there is some good reason even if he is active on Facebook but on the chance that it's not and the attraction just faded away like it does over time, then she should just move on and find someone better.


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