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Does my coworker like me?

Crush on coworker gone south. What went wrong? Does anyone think this guy ever liked me, or was it all in my head? Appreciate male perspective.

This coworker used to talk to me all the time. He would hang out in my room and other people noticed and, and commented that he liked me. I liked him too, but I noticed a few months into it he didn't ask me out on a date and was I starting to get annoyed. My superior's (all women) were starting to get on my us about production, so I sent him a text asking him to not hang out in my room anymore. He replied an apology and said he would not do that anymore. I thought we'd be cool after that, but he started to act unfriendly. So at this point, I thought, well maybe he doesn't like me. I invited him to a Halloween party and suggested he meet some of my pretty, single friends. He seemed offended and responded, "I'm all set". After this, this dude acted so rude to me. A few weeks into it, I asked him what was wrong, and he said work was getting to him. I suspected it was somthing different about us because he was only acting cold towards me. The more I thought about it, I wondered if he ever knew how I felt about him. We're facebook friends, and I sent him a message inviting him to go see a show, just the two of us. It was so obvious I was asking him out on a date in this message, I even had my brother clear it before sending to make certain the message was clear. I sent it on a Saturday and he didn't respond! Tuesday at work I ask him about it, and he makes up some excuse that he doesn't check his messages. I know he lied because facebook messenger shows you when you read them, and he was constantly checking his facebook. I got upset, and was really hurt that he didn't take the bait. He must've sensed I was hurt because at the end of the day he approaced me and said, "Sorry for the delay, but thanks for the thought anyway." That evening I unfriended him from facebook.
Does my coworker like me?
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