Why don't girls like me?

so im a pretty cool dude or at least my friends tell me that im really chill i like to have fun but i can be serious to but i keep getting rejected or hell this one girl laughed at me i keep thinking its bcause im a big dude im a highschool freshman im 6'1 about 320 pounds but a lot of that weight is muscle the reason im so big is because i play football im a 4 star college recruit already being scouted so my size is cntributed soley to the reason that football is my life i also take football verry seriously at a school that dosent take anything seriously so people tend to think im like a football freak or something I don't know other than that though i wouldn't say im ugly but is being a big guy that much of a turn off


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  • You just haven't found a girl who thinks you're her type yet


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