Do you believe romantic love exists?

we all know love for parents, siblings, children and friend exists. And love for these people is pure. Can love be "dirty"? I mean can love betwen man and woman exist? not friendly love but sexual love. Or if it is sexual then it is not love ebcause love is pure?

  • 1, romantic love is the only "impure" love because it consists of lust. lust is a part of romantic love
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  • 2, romantic love and lust are separate feelings but romantic love can be sexual like lust
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  • 3, the sexual desire between sexes is called lust not love because love can't be sexual
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  • 4, lust can be emotional like love
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Most Helpful Guy

  • It's purely a mental state, and of course such mental states exist.

    It's like asking about "honor" to a samurai in feudal times after his lord was defeated, at which point he might respond by plunging a short sword into his stomach and making an L-shaped cut, spilling his bowels and working the sword upwards to his rib cage. His excruciating death would be proof enough to me that some deep notion of honor existed, so deep that one can define his/her own life through it.
    In the same sense one could place such value on love that it becomes real that way. It's all shaped by personal and social values. Traveling the world, you don't see this kind of Hollywood and fairy tale form of "true love" everywhere. It might be attached to some sense of tradition, of family, or preserving wealth and property, of forming alliances between two houses, etc.
    It comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. At the heart of it is some strong sense of "commitment", as with any value we hold dear. True love might be true commitment, as simple as that.
    Probably most of the time, it'll be blurred to some degree with sexuality with no clear-cut distinction between "lust" and "love", since it originates from those roots of mating and reproduction.

    I don't really believe in "unconditional love" either. It's either to profess when untested. A person who backstabs another and laughs at them can probably lose their "unconditional love". Again it's a mental state, at the heart of it is commitment. Those who are really committed to the concept mentally will exhibit a great deal of unwavering devotion to the idea.

    To do so requires placing a great deal of value in the idea. It's not magical. Someone can place a lot of value in just about anything. They might fall in love with their car to the point where they're willing to give up their life for the safety of their car. It's up to the individual and the strength and commitment he/she places into his/her values.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I really don't understand you and I think SO differently from you.
    Sex isn't dirty, sex isn't wrong and sex doesn't take away the pureness of love. I love my boyfriend, I lust him and there is nothing dirty about it. I never understood education that teach people that sex is dirty.
    I answered 2 but really your poll is just confusing.

    • you can't have sex with people you love. it is not love it is lust

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    • pure love is for children for parents for freinds and for relatives. you must be mentally sick for thinking you can purely love someone you have sex with. And what does it mean "feel for your husband". are you stupid? lol

    • oh, no actually, I think you are real dumb for thinking romantic love don't exist and that sex is dirty. I feel for your future husband because you're sure you won't love him like he will deserve. You're sick in your head child.

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What Guys Said 7

  • Three kinds of love
    1) Eros-this is the lustful can't keep your hands off each other. It's where the word erotic comes from. By itself it will not sustain a relationship
    2) Phileo-this is the brotherly love like for your bff. It's why Philadelphia is called the city of brotherly love
    3) Agape-this is the highest form of love. It's unconditional like the love for your child and hopefully your mate

  • Voted B, that's what I believe in! :P

  • your voting options reminds me of the confusing multiple choice questions on my last chem test.

    can u give an example of 'dirty' love?

  • of course, it is like magic

  • Let's see. You can have lust without love. You can have love without lust (platonic). But when you have love and lust together, you've got romance!

  • Of course! In fact, this love is my drive for success. When I finally meet the right dainty creature, I will have worked plenty already toward it.

  • Love is only for romance , lust is lust it has nothing to do with love people date for superficial reasons and for wrong reasons and then they come cry and say there's no love the media made us imagine love as something perfect that you will always be happy love is about sacrifice and bear each other not happy ever after


What Girls Said 1

  • Of course romantic love exists. Is this romantic love free of sexual feelings or sexual love? No, I don't think so. Doesn't mean you need to act on it and be sexually active at the time, but having some kind of sexual attraction or sexual urges towards that special someone is what differentiates romantic love from platonic, friendly love.

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