I want him to be present when I am away?

I can't wrap my head around guys & communication.
I have been seeing this guy for a few months & we are currently 2 hrs away from each other. When I visit he is perfect & occasionally he messages something that makes me get butterflies
However most the time I'll only hear from him once a day & sometimes that won't be until after he finishes work at 10 even though he was free in the day...
I understand he hates texting & prefers to meet in person but if I'm not there then I still need him to be present! I have a need to feel loved & wanted, to calm my anxiety disorder so even though I love him & love the way he usually treats me, when I'm away I just want a bit more. The tiniest bit more...


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  • You are well within your rights to express this to him. Communication and compromise are key in a relationship. Talk it out and see if you can find some middle ground that works for both.


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  • Many Toms Today are Not into the Texting @Pinkicedkks and I would say, you are a Lucky Girl to even Get... Once a day a "Hey."
    On top of all this, being LDR is One of the Hardest to have and to Uphold of Any, I can tell you first hand with a man, I feel you Both are putting Effort into 'A few months,' and if it is a More in Store 'A bit more' you Want, Suggest Skype if you Need... Him to be present.
    It takes Two to Tangle and Two to Tango when it comes to Putting Team Effort into this relationship. I know that with your Anxiety disorder' there is going to perhaps be something you Need to Help in Calming the Savage beast inside of you before you see him the next time, but work on getting on the same page with Him... I think you are both off to a good start from my own heart.
    Good luck. xx

  • you should not depend on him to make you feel less anxiety. That is an issue you have to work on yourself. that is an awful lot of pressure on a relationship and not really healthy.
    you have to understand that, during the day he doesn't have the time to text. No amount of nagging will change that. You'll have to learn to keep yourself busy on your own.

    • I don't nag him & it isn't just him it's friends & family & everyone but I do understand how unhealthy it is & am working on it