Is this friendzone or not?

this girl is very confusing. I obviously like her, and I'm just completely confused as to her feelings... I think there has been mixed messages.

She asked me to massage her (clothes) on, rub my hand through her hair many times. But she didn't really give me an opening to go for a kiss, I feel. She also said "You are single, I am single... so why not" or words like that and When I talked about my ex, she said "What has she got that I haven't?"
She regularly calls me handsome, touches me, etc Shea sks me stuff like "What do you tolerate in a relationship?" "How faithful are you" She knew I have other girls interested in me and chat to them.
Once she was on the phone for 20 mins when I was kinda waiting to talk to her (she gave me a lift to the city- not a favour, she had to go anyway!), and she apologised by rubbing my leg in a very flirtatious way.
She asks a lot about other girls I know (this could be a negative)
However, not all is good
She has mentioned to me a few times she likes dark-haired guys (I'm light haired), and once she asked a favour and i said "sure, if you give me a kiss" she replied "what type of kiss?" - I said "the good type"... So she never showed up when I was going to do her the favour (and hopefully get a kiss!). Also my friend mentioned I liked her and her response was "we are just flatmates".
I have done her a lot of favours. except two (one was big), I have offered all.
She has touched me but never really put her head close to me, or touched in a way I felt there was a clear green signal (like other girls I have been with)
And she hasn't exactly done me many favours or returned my favours. Sometimes even forgetting to say thanks.

please thoughts on this!


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  • Have you asked her on a date at all or anything? Maybe she is just trying to get you to make the move. I don't know though


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  • Mixed messages usually means she isn't into it or at least isn't as into it as you are. Every successful relationship/dating I've done has never had confusion. Find someone who is more confident about what they want.

    Sounds like she's just using you to kill time/get some help with things before a dark haired guy comes along. You should forget about this girl and start dating.