Getting back with the girl you love for valentines. Is this to far?


Early last year I started dating this girl I like. It lasted for 2 months. Clicked very well. However I then went on an over seas adventure. When i got back she wasn't sure how she felt about me anymore so we went to friends (her reasoning being I'm not very confident). Occasionally we chat. In the past few months I've been thinking I want to get back together. I needed to self improve. So I got a motorbike (increases sense of adventure), went to Africa and did nature conservation volunteering (shes studying conservation, I lived her dream for a few weeks), I've finished my trade so well of financially, learnt how to cook amazing meals, taken up dancing lessons (increases confidence around girls), halfway through becoming a volunteer fire fighter (heroism), made an awesome metal candelabra (artistic value). I've done plenty more things to self improve myself and only things I've always wanted to do. I've also tried dating other girls but nothing is the same.

Now I'm thinking this valentines day I'll make a few copper roses (they look wicked). As she lives a few hours away (uni holidays, studies near me for most of the year) I'll send them to her a week before with a note not to open till the 14th. Inside shall be a bouquet of copper roses with a note saying something like "happy valentines ####, as your pretty weird you probably don't have one and every girl deserves one. I'm still waiting on that phone call you promised. Ring me. Not tommorow, not tonight. NOW."

So hopefully she'll ring in the morning, chat, tell her I've become a more confident and better man. I want to try again. Let's go out for dinner. "but I'm at home a few hours away" I'll say "doesn't matter, I care about you and am dedicated to this, I'll drive up. Be ready at 6".

What do you think? Anything I've missed? Is it wierd? I figure I have nothing to lose. I'm good at this metal work.

I finished the metal rose. Ended up making two and twisting the stems together. Posted it off this arvo (Im working interstate for a week). Wish me luck.


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  • It's so romantic that you did all those things just to prove yourself to her. Awww 💕💕


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  • Maybe you want talk to her about it.

    • That's the plan. I send off the package. She opens it revealing the copper roses. Reads the note and then one would think she'd then ring me.

    • Very nice.

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