Texting Conversation question?

So you know when you text your crush or whatever, they either don't respond back or they answer by lol or something small that makes you feel like your annoying her in a kinda way. Any suggestion on what i can do , because she wouldn't give me her number for nothing.


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  • As soon as she gives you two brief answers in a row, text "I don't want to be bothering you text me back when you have a little bit more time to have a bit of a conversation". Just leave it at that and let her get back to you. If she wants to have a conversation she'll text you. If she doesn't well, you'll know.

    • but what if she have never ever texted me first

    • After you've texted her a couple times with little response and you say to get back to you when she does want to text she will get the idea that you do want to talk to her and if she wants to talk to you she will talk to you. If she never texts you after this, then she didn't really like you that much in the first place.

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  • She doesn't sound very interested in you. She probably considers you a pest.


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