How can I get my girlfriend to calm down?

My girlfriend had a bad dream that she went on a ferriswheel she's scared of heights she doesn't like riding them. She said it was a really rough ride and it was scary. Her friend always makes her go on one at the fair she never wants to. When she does on one she looks out instead of looking down. She said the one she went on in her dream was really big the platform you set your feet on we're so far apart from the seat the wheel was so big it could touch the sky she could barely see the ground the seats were so far apart. She said when she and her friend got on it they were at the top some how they made the seats lean back. She said it was really scary. One of her biggest fears is falling off one or falling down from somewhere really high she's been scared of them since she saw a show where a kid and his dog were riding one they got stuck on top. That's another thing she scared of. She's shaking she doesn't want to go back to sleep but her eyes are barely open. How can I calm her down?


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  • My approach is try to make a little bit funny by teasing her a bit, but that may totally backfire. Still, the easiest way to calm down from some kind of fear is to start laughing about it if you can pull it off -- of course always lending a supportive shoulder simultaneously.

    I think you're lucky though. My wife has dreams like where I called her fat in a dream, and then she takes it out on me by holding the real me responsible for the actions of her dream version of me.

  • Hold her and tell her everything will be okay.

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