Sigh why do I suck at Dating? Can anyone give me some advice?

I'd tell you my dream guy and all that but I'd rather not waste your time. I seem to be in a habit of getting boys angry at me. I don't think I'm a bitch it's just that when it comes to guys that I like I manage to make them hate me. Any advice? I am quite romantic but I can be quite difficult at sometimes depending on the subject. At other times I'm not difficult and completely cool. Just advice for dating, what to do, what not to do, thanks.


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  • what exactly do you do towards guys you like

    • Nothing really. I guess that I get upset when they kinda ignore me, like don't give me enough attention. It takes a lot though. I have come to the conclusion that either
      1. I have shit taste in men and they've all been assholes
      2. I'm a crazy bitch

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    • It's partly number 2. I think :') and yea I'm 16 this year, keen to drive.

    • oooh you're gonna have lots of fun lol

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  • Welcome to the club.


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  • Review what happened to make the guys you liked dislike you and ask yourself what might have been a better approach, so you get what you want.

    • Sigh what if they "like you" but don't wanna date ugh frustrates me

  • Well for one your 15 barely even a teen and your mind is chemically and hormone (ly) unbalanced and unstable. Just wait, wait until puberty is over and you've matured a bit, your to young anyway.

    • Wel you got the unstable part right. Actually I'm not too young for anything. I'm enough to make my own decisions. And I do know the difference between right and wrong.

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    • Woman mature faster then men. I may not be fully mature but don't ever tell me I'm too young. My judgment is not clouded, I know what I want in life and I'm going to go for it. I appreciate your concern, but it just feels as if you are insinuating I couldn't handle a relationship. I'm not looking for anyone right now, I don't want anything, but sometimes it just happens. I asked a question, not for a lecture about my age and for your information I am 16 soon and you become a teen as soon as you turn 13. I'm 3 years into the game, savvy?

    • You asked a question and I answered it I can't help that you don't like the answer, if you can't handle all opinions don't ask for them.

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