Does dating depress you?

When things are going well I feel great but then I can't wait for a kiss it kills me!!! And then I wonder if I will see him again. Like you go through a roller coaster till u figure out if you can trust them to be truly into you. Once I am in a relationship and it is long term and steady it feels nice. That is the point I want to reach but I keep meeting people getting my hopes up and getting let down. It is like I am happiest alone with out the drama.

I tend to have anxiety and depression and it is normally under control but it seems to come out in the getting to know stages. And for some reason when things feel great at first mellow and sane well some unexpected event happens and suddenly his world is shattered and I get pushedd away and I want to be there for him but we aren't at that level yet and he feels babied and I feel I fight my instinct to hold back. And I ruin everything! I get afraid of missing out on this great thing taking off


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  • I feel much the same way. I am currently in a situation where we had a first date (getting a coffee and tea at a local cafe) which was very nice. Then, the exam weeks started, during which she is very focused on studying. So much so, that she has no time for a second date and we also barely text now. We decided that we would go on a next date as soon as the exams are over, though that will take about 1.5 weeks.

    I can't wait to get to the long-term relationship, as that give certainty. While waiting for the next date, it feels like I am slowly burning in not knowing where this will go. It is not very pleasant.


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