Reconnected with an old friend, are they just words to get what he wants?

He was the popular guy in high school, we're both still is in college (25 y/o). we ended up matching on a dating site in September of last year, have hooked up a few times since. (I wasn't popular in high school, should add that). I know the answer that he's not interested but is there the slightest chance that he can be? He always is hanging with other girls but whenever we hang out and his friends are around he asks them (in front of me): "how much of a cute couple would me and him make" I don't know if he's saying that just because he wants something that I have or if he's really interested.

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  • Don't put much stock into implicit behavior. If he wants to be with you to the exclusion of others, he'll convey his intent to you.


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