Ladies I have violent tendencies because I am so aggressive?

I have violent tendencies because society tells men to be aggressive. I think I might get to the point where I hit a woman. I have already punched men for saying the smallest things to me. hOWEVER, WOMEN STILL keep dating me even after I say this. Do women like men like that? Who are violent?

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  • You do not have violent tendencies because society tells men to be aggressive.
    I'm going to guess that you learned from your surroundings growing up. Maybe your dad was a little physical/rough to you or your family? Got spanked or physically pushed around as a kid?
    Get yourself help before you wind up making bad decisions and hurting others and winding up with arrests, jail time, etc.
    Being physically aggressive is in no way manly, it's the pussy way to deal with things, not the adult or manly way. Be a gentleman, that's MUCH more manly. Be aggressive in pursuing your career goals and building a good life for you and your family. Physical aggression is NOT cool, and women who are attracted to it are NOT right in the head, probably because they also grew up around physical violence and see it as normal/acceptable behavior.
    Grow up, grow some real balls, and get yourself some therapy / anger management classes.


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  • Why would they like it? they might like you, and tolerate the violence , but to me even that's stupid. And don't throw the 'society tells men to be aggressive,' for every dickhead with a short fuse there's a thousand guys mature and/or confident enough to just plain not give a fuck what strangers say

    • Women don't define that as confident though. They define aggression as confident.

    • Still not n excuse, by saying that 'women define aggression as confidence' tells me you think way to highly of women's opinions of yourself, which is the complete opposite of confidence anyway. You shouldn't be violent, because it makes you a childish arsehole, regardless of what the people who see it think. It's one thing punching someone who is actively harassing you in a situation you can't stop (stopping includes leaving) but to throw punches over pissy little sentences is ridiculous, like a male fucking drama queen