Me and my boyfriend get along better in person then over social media?

I have been basically dating my boyfriend for a month but we have been "official" for abut 2 weeks. We have the same health class but we really started talking over winter break over snapchat and text. Lately I have realized that me and him seem to get along better in person than we do over snapchat and text. When were with Each other in class or hanging out outside of school we get along really well like a couple and like best friends but it seems like our conversations over text rarely happen and when they do happen they are a little awkward. Over snapchat well kind of have mini conversations but for the most part it's just us sending selfies back and forth. I was just wondering if it's normal to get along really well in person but not get along nearly as well over social media.


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  • This is normal, you're supposed to get along better in person than social media, because your relationship is real and not relied on the internet.