Guys, we had a date and kissed, but is he really interested?

So I met a guy online and we had our first date last weekend. We had a nice time, talking and walking around in the city etc.. And then, just before he took his train home, he kissed me and I kissed back. After the date, he snapchatted me pretty often. We sent pics every day until yesterday. He opened my snap but didn't respond.. I assumed he was at least interested in me bc he said he wanted to see me again/ had a good time/ called me pretty multiple times and kept contact the days after the date..
anyway.. I know he snaps with other people too because his snapchat score is high and he's pretty handsome so a lot of girls want his attention, but still he won't answer my last snap. why would he say he wants another date/kiss me if he's not into me? I'm confused really..


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  • He could have forgotten about it because something urgent came up unexpectedly. Lord knows that's happened to me plenty of times.

    Keep sending him stuff and don't read too much into it at first. If the problem persists though...

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