Girls, Kinda confused?

Known this girl and texted her for a year or so now there's always been sexual tension. When I asked her out she told me she wasn't interested. That was a couple weeks ago she still flirts with me constantly tho is she playing hard to get is it worth my time?


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  • You made it clear you had feelings. If she wants you let her come to you

    • Yeah but I'm not sure if her flirting is her trying to do that or not

    • Ok so I'm saying this from personal experience. It's horrible but I was young and stupid.
      We love attention!
      Guys would ask me out all the time and I would turn them down and then flirt enough that I could keep their attention.
      If she wants you she will go for you. But be careful cause when we lose attention we tend to try and get it back. So if she's hot and cold just ignore it

    • Alright thanks