My mom is so negative?

its starting to depress me. My mother is unstable depressed selfisj and negative, she had a really self low worth and think she is stupid. Living with her at 23 is sucking the joy out of me, I cannot bear to live with her, im depressed because of her, she is ALWAYS negative, today she made a comment about her wrinkles and she said if im getting more I won't leave the house untill I die... who says that? she is extremely depressing? how can I protect myself from this untill I have a job?


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  • Well go get a job you're 23 there are tons of crap jobs out there why don't you have one. And move out. Real simple solution

    • I keep getting rejected for those crappy jobs, I tried everything

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    • got rejected there

    • Then go beg for a job. Clearly you need to change something.