Why don't guys ask women out? or why do they play games?

I know that guys are scared- women are too. But it's kind of confusing- sometimes a situation just seems right, and it's weird that guys never ask someone out or play into it. I went to a place at a juice bar, and for some reason was talking to the guy juicing my drink. I didn't particularly like him, but we seemed to have good conversation, and he seemed kind of interested. He was also smiling a lot. Then, he just handed me my juice and that's it. In the end, he hovered around the cashier guy- like he wanted to have his presence there around me. Of course, no guy ever asks me out or makes a move.

I met another guy online--we had a good first date. We smoked pot, got drunk, went to a bar/club hung out. It was pretty fun I guess. He invited me to a bar he goes to one night and i went too late and he didn't have his phone on him. So we've met once. We also fooled around while I was drunk. He asked to hang out yesterday, and i said yes but i was busy yesterday and we can hang today. Today comes around, and he was a little rude through text calling me a hypochondriac b/c i was having serious pain. I thought he was rude and insensitive. He even said "you were worried about how i treated ur cat"- he's rough with animals and even with his ex's cat. then, i later asked if he wanted to hang out and he said "he already was'- it made no sense. I know he wants to hang out with me and i asked today and i guess he didn't.. not sure why he's playing games

it seems like the guy was trying to bring me down, for some reason. And he also talks about how most women he meets are lesbians and how men in our city are desperate for women. Well he met me--im hot and i guess we had a connection but now he's kind of being a jerk.. im not sure why, maybe he is just a jerk


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  • As infrequently as men ask women out, we are still the ones asking by a ratio of probably 10:1. So it's kinda shitty that some women complain that men never make a move. I'm sure it's easy to see when a situation is ideal for making a move when you're not the one who has to do it. I don't know what was up with the second guy he seems like a prick but the first guy probably was either too shy or he didn't think it would be appropriate in the given setting.


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  • Guys don't ask girls out as much because too many hoes are Netflix and chilling. So guys don't have to put forth any effort because they don't have a need to. Some girls still get asked on dates but they are typically super hot and these guys will do anything to impress them. The average girl is not getting asked out because guys don't really value women anymore. This is partly our fault ladies. Don't accept "hang out" let him know you would like to go out on a date. If he's really into you he will ask you out. If not then you won't have wasted your time with a guy that was trying to waste yours

    • I'd say it's more the fact that guys are still expected to make the first move and pay. If you're gonna invest emotionally and financially in a girl whose gonna probably hurt you, you might as well go for gold.

    • Nah guys just don't want to be the nigga paying money on dates and listening to your problems when at the end of meeting you on tinder asking chad to come over to fuck.


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  • Ehm...

    If I asked out a woman I like and she fails to show up I'd get really pissed at her. I'd inmediately assume she isn't into me and probably was using me as an ego boost until she can land someone she really likes.

    Then again I *think* I would not call her rude names. Instead, I'd just try to lose all contact with her inmediately.

  • To be honest, it sounds like you are the problem, you seem to have a major chip on your shoulder.


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