I fell in love with my friends with benefits, told him and now we´re not speaking. What should I do?

I met this guy and we became friends with benefits, we were at it for a year. For the whole year we would go to dinner, parties, for drinks, movies, etc. It seemed more like a relationship than just a friends with benefits relationship, after a while I started falling for him but kept telling myself that it was just not possible because he kept saying that he didn't have the time to date girls and really commit to a relationship (even though we were in a sort of relationship without the title). When I finally decided to tell him how I felt he told me he was going on a date with another girl so I took this like him saying I'm not interested in you. After a few weeks of only talking very little I came back to the city and he immediatly started looking for me and wanting to see me, we went out and got dinner and then we had sex, I guess I wrongully interpreted that as him being into me as something more than a friends with benefits. The next day was his birth day so I prepared him a dinner at my apartment but he cancelled at the last minute telling me he had work but that he'd make it up to me the next day which he cancelled too saying he was stuck at work when he really was out. The next day I found out he was dating another girl and when I confronted him about it he said that he'd been dating that other girl for a few weeks and didn't think it was fair for neither of us but that he hadn't tell me because he was kind of drunk. I told him that I was really disappointed by how things were handled because we had always been honest with each other and that I had asked him to be honest with me if he ever felt like he wanted to end things because of whatever reason.

Now we don't speak to each other and I was kind of hoping he would miss me and come back to tell me at least that he was sorry but he hasn't and now we went from talking to each other every day all day to not speaking at all. I miss him so much and I have no idea what to do, I haven't wanted to approach him because he hurt me and I don't want to lo


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  • Move on its over this is why these relationships are never a good idea


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  • You should move on with your life, if he could do that to a girl he's dating then it doesn't mean he wouldn't have done it to you. But he did the right thing by stopping it to hurt you any further however he didn't have to lie, part of being "fwb" is that you can stop at any time when either of you no longer wish to be in it. Honesty is a huge part too so as much as he hurt you be glad you're not his girlfriend, this doesn't mean you weren't good enough or anything it's just the way it all played out. You don't have to approach him, there really isn't a point in doing so, jus move on with with your life because thats all you really can do.


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  • Well that's a common problem for two people who are friends with benefits, and in your case it's clear only you have feelings whereas he never had any.

  • shocker.


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