How ot get a shy/quiet guy to like you?

The title says it all. In terms of body language or when you're talking, how do you get them to be interested in you


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  • Engage them in conversation, find out what interests him and get him talking about that. He'll probably be most comfortable talking about something he's excited/passionate about, and if you seem interested in what he has to say (and make flirty eye contact and smile), he'll probably open up a bit more to the idea that he might have a shot with you.

    Once he's a little more comfortable talking to you and being around you, drop easy clues for him to pick up on to ask you out to do something. Something as simple as "Have you had coffee at that new place down the street yet? It's soooo good, I've been craving it all day" or, say you find out his favorite food is sushi... "I've never had that kind of food before, the idea of trying to pick sushi from a menu seems so scary, I wouldn't know where to start, I'd probably have to have someone who knows about it order for me"


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  • With a shy guy, you will need to take the effort, the initiative needed. Yes there are ways,

  • You go up to them and tell them that you like them and would like to get to know them better and that you understand that they are shy and you are cool with that.


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