Need to get back out there?

Hi so im back to being single again and i want to put myself out there but it has been awhile and i guess if you will "my moves" are kinda rusty and i just need advise. Just a little about me:

Physically : 6feet tall, broad shoulders and fit due to swimming competitively for 11 years, black hair, brown eyes, half white and filipino with a slight tan ( apparently i look more white though haha).

Personality : superr shy when first meeting people and kinda awkward and clumsy haha, but underneath all that when i begin to feel more at ease i am confident, energetic and a funny kinda guy. I am caring and can be sensitive at times.

Based on what I've briefly told you about me ( as it might be silly to even ask) do you think i am a good catch? I ask this is as my last girlfriend which also happened to be my first pretty much told me i wasn't good enough for anyone :/ Now that was almost 8 months ago and i am very much over and passed her, but those words kinda just hold me back and yet still want to meet someone special though.
So any advise or tips anything would be awesome as i am kinda having a tough time with this.


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  • just go to the gym.