Dating site horror stories?

I cut all ties loose with Zoosk. Until one guy MANAGED to find my personal email (I never put my email up to the public, and neither do they show emails!) and mailed me through it! How creepy! What a stalker!

Guys, I want to hear yours as well!


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  • OMG, that's so creepy, what a jerk :(

    • YES and I asked him how he got my email. He kept answering "hahaha, it's just an app" continuously. Seems like he is retarded aside from stalking as well.

    • Maybe he is some sort of hacker? Perhaps you should change email and use some sort of antivirus programme.

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • What? this is the first time I am hearing a dating story.

    No, I have never been on a date, so "no stories here"

    • Dating SITE not face to face dating.

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